I. What is Tactical shooter?
Tactical shooter is a subset of the shooter genre known as tactical shooter. The game may have both first-person and third-person shooter modes, but there are some games that default to one-person shooter. Tactical shooters that simulate realistic combat, requiring strategy and caution in action.

II. Elements are in the Tactical shooter genre

  1. Equipment and weapons
    Unlike other shooters, the weapons and equipment in Tactical shooter are practically simulated from appearance, recoil, rate of fire, how to change ammo and attachable accessories. guns.

Good examples can be seen in the game Brother in Arms, where game developers hired gun specialists to advise on actual gun recoil. If you have played through Brother in Arms, you will understand why the guns in this game have such an extremely “annoying” recoil, all because they are close to reality.

  1. Tactics
    In the Tactical shooter, the key to victory is strategy. In a strategy-heavy game, you will see each player’s actions such as calculation, planning, predicting the reverse path or judging the opponent’s actions greatly affect the outcome of the battle. .
  2. Game pace
    The pace of the game in Tactical shooter will be based on the strategy set by the two sides, there will be times when gunfights happen continuously and the two sides will rush into each other at a fast pace. Sometimes both sides just want to probe each other, the game will be slowed down.
  3. The coordination between the players
    In order for the strategy to work smoothly, the coordination between players must also have a close connection. Each person on the team will play a different role depending on the game you are playing and as long as you fulfill your role correctly, victory will come very close.

III. Development history of tactical shooter series

  1. Formation
    The features that make up a tactical shooter are said to have appeared in the 1987 with MicroProse’s Airborne Ranger title. Although it is an action shooter game, but the tactical elements have also formed a premise for the development of the later tactical shooter series.
  1. The first improvements
    The first revamp was in 1993 with the introduction of the SEAL team released by Electronic Arts. With new features such as: assistive devices, moving units, real-time environment with 3D graphics reacting to the player’s actions.

The next 5 years saw a series of different Tactical shooter titles, but the most typical one was Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri in 1996, a 3D game with a gameplay mechanism that favored teamwork. .

  1. The revolutionary birth of the Rainbow Six
    If the aforementioned titles just laid the foundation for the development of the tactical shooter genre, it can be said that Rainbow Six is ​​a game that establishes the essentials for a Tactical shooter game. .

The game is meticulously designed with the most realistic simulations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s rescue process, heavy tactical elements and extremely detailed planning.

  1. Step backward of the tactical shooter series
    From the 2000s onwards, the Call of Duty series, especially Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, changed the game when it became the favorite game series by the majority of gamers at that time. Games like Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon have also changed to follow market trends and remove the core elements that make a Tactical shooter game.

Step backward of the tactical shooter series
For example, Rainbow Six has reduced the strategic planning phase before each mission, Ghost Recon is equipped with heavy weapons on the body and still moves normally, not following any rules.

  1. Reasserting position again
    Arma 3, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Insurgency: Sandstorm are three titles once again marking the return of tactical shooter series. When authentic elements of weapons, guns, strategy and coordination of the player are put on top. At this time it is often said that if you want to experience the authentic feeling of the battlefield, play through the 3 games above.