The Witness (2016)
From Jonathan Blow, the person who introduced you 2008’s Braid – possibly the most fawned over indie game ever – this 3-D puzzler hardly ever failed to astound. You’re on an island and also you should navigate it through solving puzzles. 650 of them in truth. Blow claims the average participant will take eighty hours to finish the sport, which incorporates one puzzle he believes handiest 1 percentage of gamers will remedy!

Destiny 2 (2017)
What difference a strong tale and a right villain made to the fortunes of Bungies online-simplest multiplayer FPS-cum-RPG; if the primary game, released in 2014, disenchanted in how close it got here to being something virtually special, then the sequel cleared the baseline via a long way. only now can Bungie’s new franchise be spoken of critically when it comes to Halo. however it can, and it can loudly.
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)

Capcom finished a hattrick with Resident Evil’s debut first-individual title. After the primary (1996) put the survival horror style at the map and after the fourth (still one of the finest video games of all time) reinvented the genre in 2005, instalment seven rebooted a sequence that for a while had began to appearance stale. RE7 is a high-quality game, and one that would be better on this listing had handiest the rest of the sport been as impressive as the first few hours.
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (2018)
Another stalwart franchise that had began searching a bit stale; forget about the modern-day-day narrative (which at this juncture is calling more and more inappropriate), Odyssey took us lower back to 431 BC, 400 years earlier than the events of 2015’s assassin’s Creed Origins, for an sincerely fabulous, right swords and sandals romp around ancient Greece – with fledgling RPG factors! no longer only that but, in Kassandra, Ubisoft gave us a new hero to stan.
Adventure (2012)

A masterclass in visible and auditory artwork, in spite of being wordless in its entirety, Thatgamecompanys desolate tract-living adventure asks all kinds of big questions. the la agency have form with this type of element, liberating the revolutionary waft in 2007 and Flower – one of the strangest video games of that or any other year – in 2009. Now, in 2019, it’s greater common for games to be evolved with gamers’ emotional goals in mind. journey played a big element in said trend.
Bloodborne (2015)
The thing you want to recognise approximately this Hidetaka Miyazaki creation – he of darkish Souls infamy – is the first issue that happens in the game, before you even recognize the way to play it, is you get torn aside by way of a werewolf. Even then it hardly ever eases up – this is one of the maximum tough video games you will ever play. And yet the gothic slum of Yharnam is so determined to be explored, you’ll preserve on. Bloodborne is a sport full of dark magic.

Marvel’s Spider-man (2018)
A year on from being the maximum current ps one-of-a-kind to make Xbox proprietors question their existence selections, was Insomniac’s sport really as desirable as we all idea? perhaps no longer. It’s a sport that suffers from a dearth of exciting facet-quests, a few arduous puzzles and a few infuriating digicam work. And yet, similar to the Arkham series did for Batman, it’s additionally the first videogame to ever make you sense like you are Spider-guy. That’s still a thrilling feeling.