The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
It can be said that this is the best role-playing game in the past decade. Bethesda has done an excellent job in the design of missions, characters, and the world in the game, leaving many gamers who continue to stick with Skyrim until now. This game is an adventure into an epic world, where there are knights, dragons, mages, and will spend more than a hundred hours exploring.

The Legend Of Zelda

Breath of the Wild is one of the reasons why gaming exists. Nintendo has put all the things they learned, from how to level up, use weapons, character skills, to design enemies in the game into Breath Of The Wild. The plot is very simple: the hero goes to rescue the princess, but in order to accomplish this goal, you must “master” the magic moves as well as the way of moving through drawing profound experiences from previous lives. Most especially, all the techniques you learn later are actually available from the beginning, you just don’t know. The feeling when you hit the last boss it is very good, and that is the result you deserve when you have everything in the palm of your hand.

Grand Theft Auto V
GTA series in general and GTA V in particular, you are too familiar. With the A.I. complex, powerful police force and “mindful”, plus the three main characters can be controlled at any time, GTA V has created a city of Los Santos extremely lavish and magnificent. And as tradition, you are free to do whatever you like in the game, and the police are always on duty 24/7 to force you back to the station at any time.

As a game “falling from the sky” by Blizzard and even somewhat overwhelming the other games. In just a short time, Overwatch has emerged as an alcohol, becoming an FPS shooter that surpasses even the “old man” like Team Fortress 2 and crushes Battleborn right from the ground. Overwatch is a game with fresh graphics, diverse characters with many different skills. At the same time, each general in the game has its own story, making the game more attractive to gamers. Until now, Overwatch still attracts thousands of gamers to battle every day.