Many gamers lamented that the current Arena of Truth is not new anymore.
TFTactics is an application developed by Overwolf with the purpose of “prompting” for gamers playing the Truth Arena. This app will give you all the information you need, from the proposed squad, how to equip or even the details of each item and the appearance rate of champions according to rank.

The widespread popularity of TFTactics is the double-edged sword
Initially, this application proved very effective in helping gamers remember the Tribe / System, how to map as well as how to combine the squad that was considered too much and too troublesome. However, from the middle of season 2, TFTactics’ “wide-spread” and its ranking feature made most gamers become dependent and “spam” a type of team from match to match.
Suppose as in season 1 – when TFTactics was not yet born, Arena of Truth is a true entertainment game and gamers play a decisive role in picking items, matching items depending on the situation. Bloody Shyvana, Disarming Graves with the Great Serpent Ax, Devil’s Katarina or Volibear wielding 2 Cannons of Rapid Fire “loading” the whole world were great creations at the time.
But now, when all family members have installed TFTactics, the Arena of Truth becomes the problem of who can pick up something more similar to the Textbooks. The script will be to turn on TFTactics to see which team is in the top, enter the game to try to get identical items and “entrenched” until the end of the match. The fact that the whole map of a spam type of formation happened to the Gunners, Rebellions or Guardians was when they were given S-rank TFTactics.

Entrance to season 3 is losing the inherent “crazy creativity”
The over-reliance on TFTactics has caused many gamers to lose to the top 8 when things don’t go exactly as the textbook teaches, while the ability to rotate the team is almost impossible. “Unpacking like TFTactics should lose” is the thought of many players, and that is why it has only been released a month but the Arena of Truth in season 3 is no longer interesting.

Many LOL streamer have proved that out of TFTactics there are still many ways to combine extremely effective squad, Guardian – Universe is one of them. Regardless of which squad is reaching S rank on the TFTactics summary, depending on the improvisation, relying on the strength of each champion and combining with new Races / Systems to promote it is the key to victory . It is clear that Vietnamese gamers have done a good job in creating their squads and equipment in the past, but when this application was not so convenient.

Its corollary is a lot of strong generals but because it did not appear in TFTactics, it was also to be thrown away, just a replacement for the other chess. For example, Kassadin – a general that has the ability to control the area, deal large amounts of damage and counter straightforward the strongest fighting squad currently, but “because TFTactics does not teach that” the Lu Void just “fluttering” on the edge of the meta.