Zlatan Ibrahimovic has once again made the football world flutter with his statement.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is really impressing in Serie A season 2020-21. In the AC Milan club shirt, the 39-year-old striker scored 10 goals (accounting for more than 50% of the team’s goals) to help the home team lead the Serie A rankings after 8 rounds and he himself stood. No. 1 in the race to win the title of top scorer (2 goals more than Cristiano Ronaldo).

Remember, Ibra only played in six rounds, because he had a quarantine period because of COVID-19 infection.

Not only noted for his very high performance, Ibra is also known for his arrogant statements of a very strong personality. As he knew he was infected with COVID-19, the 39-year-old striker wrote on his personal Twitter page, “COVID-19 dared to challenge me. What a bad idea ”.

After recovering, he wrote again: “The virus challenged me and I defeated it.

Latest, former Ajax club striker Juventus, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Manchester United, shocked with the possible threat of investigating and suing both the World Football Federation (FIFA) and the Football Association. World Professional Football Player (FIFPRO).

The incident related to the famous video game FIFA EA Sport. FIFPRO? I didn’t know I was a FIFPRO member and if I did, I was put there without knowing, through some confusing act.

I am sure to never allow FIFA or FIFPRO to make money using my images. Someone profited from my name and image without any consent. Time to investigate ”. After the message that Ibra posted, there were many feedbacks, yes and no objection. Notably, both Gareth Bale also showed agreement to lead an investigation.

Ibra stated that he was not a member of FIFPRO but that the organization still voted him in their Team of the Year 2013 and presented him at the FIFA Golden Ball Awards in January 2014. Even Bale has been featured on a few occasions in the FIFPRO Typical Roster.
With that deal, FIFA 21 has the right to use. Use everything that belongs to the two teams, from the players to the outfit, the training ground, the main field. Ibrahimovic is also included, of course.