Although it has been released for a long time, titles like The Last of US, Red Dead Redemption still attract PlayStation players by their story and gameplay characteristics.

The battles taking place in Dark Cloud 2 are quite gentle. Players can upgrade weapons to transform into a more powerful form. In the whole game you will control farmer boy Max and Monica – princess from another timeline.

Watch Dogs 2 uses the recipe of the first season’s success. In addition to using guns to kill enemies, the game lets you use drones or remote control vehicles to perform missions. In addition, the 3D format also increases the player experience. Light game plot, integrating social events to increase authenticity.

Dishonored 2 is a great upgrade over the previous version. The game retains the gameplay rhythm and stealth action style of part 1, while adding many creative and new details. You can play as Emily Caldwin – the daughter of Corvo, the protagonist of the first part – to possess super powers: shoot a bullet to finish many enemies at the same time.

The Resident Evil franchise can be classified into 2 phases: before and after Resident Evil 4. Most Resident Evil games from season 5 onwards are bold colors of terror, violence rather than horror. Resident Evil 4 can be considered the best part of this series. This is really a bridge between old and new, between horror game obsession and violence.

The Last of Us part 1 is a survival game, destroying zombies, pushing players up to the highest experience of this series. As soon as the game was released in December 2011, the game quickly received many compliments from both critics and players. Winning many awards and making huge sales makes this one of the greatest games of all time.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is the product of studio Ghibli in collaboration with Level 5 developer. This role-playing game genre is suitable for all ages. Players play as a 13-year-old boy Oliver, in an instant relive his childhood, discovering magical cities. Ni No Kuni also has a competition system similar to “Pokemon”. Players will level up and evolve to face even greater challenges.

Bloodborne and Dark Soul both share the same developer, with the same difficulty level. However, each game is a way to play it. Difficulty is pushed to a very high level when you have only one gun. Faced with giant enemies, players must be extremely flexible on the battlefield. It can take you hours to take down a boss.

Like previous versions, Fallout 4 is a shooter that combines post-apocalyptic America. In this version, the developer introduces a new feature “building mode”, players can build a series of small towns to create materials and resources for themselves.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the finale of a series that spans three decades. 3rd person ambush game has a very flexible gameplay. You can stealthily cover the enemy base, devise a plan to attack, use stealth if you don’t want to attack directly.

Red Dead Redemption is not as good and beautiful as part 2. However, this is also a great game with emotional moments and a complete ending. Players will play the cowboy John Marton in the American Far West. Red Dead Redemption creates two righteous “paths” for players to choose from. You can help people beat robbers to be loved by people or join gangs.